Online Shopping supports Mac has joined some of the other PC game digital distributors who offer some of their games in PC and Mac format.¬† In GOG’s case, some of this will be easy because their DOS games can run under DOSBOX just as well on Mac as PC. Others may take a little longer. They will start with 50 titles and plan on offering more later.

Go to to read all about this important change and trend in game digital distribution.

July 4th Game Sales Going On and Coming Soon…

It is time for some great deals on games from popular gaming digital download sites. currently has “Battle of the Games” running until July 4th. Customers are presented with 2 similar games for sale on the site each day. You can vote for one or the other; the game that receives the most votes is 60% off the next day, the other is 40% off.

Steam should be gearing up for its big summer sale soon too so check over there probably this weekend. I haven’t seen anything from GamersGate or Impulse either, but they should have something going next week as well.

These huge sales are the best times to buy many games at dirt cheap prices. The other huge sales typically aren’t until after Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, so buy what you can now so you don’t have to wait for Christmas.

Replacement Laptop Screen

I recently found myself in a situation where the screen for the Mac Book Pro I had given my son was broken. Several years ago when I used to look at replacement screens they ranged between $300 – $500 a piece. I guess now the technology has matured because you can purchase screens for under $100. I went to from a Google search. The company has many screens available; I just needed to know the model number of my laptop and I found different screens to purchase. The site also has a lot of information – I had purchased my Mac Book Pro from Best Buy with the 1680 x 1050 screen not the 1920 x 1200 screen. The site explained that you could not replace one screen with another because they used different backlight methods.

Also the site has many YouTube videos showing you how to replace screens on different laptops. Be careful though – I followed a video for a Mac Book Pro 15″ model which was mostly the same, but had some subtle differences like extra screws and cables in different places. All in all I was pleased with my experience with¬† this vendor and would do business with them again. They packaged the replacement screen well, the price was under $100 for the screen, and after installation the screen works great. Plus they give you a warranty on the screen. Check out if you need to replace a broken laptop screen.

Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB HDD Followup

Apparently my “deal” was due to “technical difficulties with Amazon.” So says the vendor Platinum Micro. And by the way “your order was canceled.” That vendor will never see any money from me in the future.

Now the drive is for sale from Amazon for $129. I bought some from Amazon – with Prime membership I get free 2 day shipping. At least I know I’ll receive my order.

Apologies for any inconveniences from my previous post.


Desura is another digital download site for PC games. It has a client like Steam or Impulse, but it sells games for Windows and Linux systems. Desura also sells a lot of indie games. Moreover, Desura also hosts many mods for games.

I first learned of this site while reading about Xenonauts. Xenonauts creators currently let you prepurchase the game and download it from Desura. Anyway, check out Desura for indie games and Linux games at