Save TechNet Subscriptions Petition

Microsoft recently announced it will end TechNet subscriptions next year. The only alternative left for IT Pros is expensive MSDN subscriptions that cost thousands of dollars. IT pros need TechNet subscriptions to test new software and gain experience with it for their jobs or education. If you agree that Microsoft should not end TechNet subscriptions or should offer an affordable alternative, please sign a petition to Microsoft by going to this address:


More Great Kickstarter Projects

Check out Frozen State, a survival, horror RPG set in Siberia. It takes inspiration from Fallout, Stalker, Metro 2033, and other Sci-Fi movies and books. It looks like a top-down RPG like the original Fallout, but with some cool randomly generated environments and conditions.

Another cool game is Void Destroyer, and hybrid RTS and space sim. In this game you can be the commander, directing ships and base building. You also can hop into a ship and dog fight. The cool thing is, if your ship is destroyed you return to the command ship or jump into another ship to continue fighting.

I backed both of these projects and hope they are funded.