USB to SCSI Adapter Problem Solved

Finally figured out the problem with the USB to SCSI adapter not working with my Jaz 2GB drives. Turns out the SCSI id must be set to 0 for the adapter to work. I tried it with termination off and on, and this made no difference. The SCSI id was the difference on my Jaz 1GB drive – I’m glad I remembered that little fact.

So the adapter works now, but, as expected, is not fast. As a test I tried to copy a 275 MB file to a Jaz 2GB drive on the USB to SCSI adapter. Windows said it would take about 10 minutes to complete. I did not time the whole file to see the actual time, since I figured if Windows was anywhere close to accurate it would be a lousy interface to use. I figure I’ll use it if I have problems hooking up the Jaz 2GB to the Dell PC at the office with the Adaptec 2930 card; otherwise it is still a nice accessory to have in a pinch.

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