Brad’s Game Reviews – An Introduction

It’s taken me a while, but I plan on doing reviews of games I’ve finished (or quit playing) since I’ve started blogging. Since I only play PC games, you won’t find any console game reviews here. The second major point to make is if you are looking for reviews of the latest and greatest games (emphasis on the latest), you probably won’t find those here either. Although my friend Chris likes to give me a hard time about being behind the curve on playing recent games, fact is I just have too many games to play and not a lot of time to play them. Thus, I might be playing games that first came out 5 or even 10 years ago; but that does not mean they are no good.

Some of these older games might still be available for a very low price, and almost all could certainly be found on eBay. What I’d like to do, besides just talk about the games, is also comment on any issues I had playing the games whether it be with the OS or a hardware issue. For example, I have found that while some of the games written for Windows 95/98 can only be played on these OS’s, some can be played without issue on Windows XP, even without compatibility mode.

Look for upcoming reviews in the Games section of the blog.

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