Dell Ultrasharp 1907FP

I decided to replace my 17″ Samsung 712N with a bigger flat panel, not because there was anything wrong with the Samsung (it has worked flawlessly for 3+ years), but because it just seemed smaller after I moved my old PC to it from a 21″ Samsung monitor. At first I considered buying a 24″ for my main PC and putting the 21″ on the others, but I am not a big fan of wide screen monitors (most are not vertically tall enough and look goofy, and I think monitor makers have just gone ga-ga over watching movies on your PC or something. How many people actually do this on a regular basis?). I also could not find one with which I was completely satisfied.

So I considered going to a 19″ “regular” flat panel – same resolution as a 17″, but everything’s bigger. Unfortunately, these are damn near impossible to find at retail (somehow I found a regular 17″ for my father-in-law at Best Buy recently for the office mixed in amongst a bunch of wide screens by accident, I guess). While buying some new PCs for an office, I checked Dell’s monitors since a lot of them get high ratings. I knew I wanted an Ultrasharp since these are their high-end models. I picked the Ultrasharp 1907FP and was not disappointed.

The monitor is very bright, yet easy on the eyes. It has vertical height adjustment for positioning, as well as VGA and DVI connectors. It also has a 4 port hub built-in.

Having used it for a couple of months now, I am very happy with my choice. 1280×1024 resolution is a lot easier on the eyesight with the larger screen size and this monitor’s brightness is comparable to my Samsung 213T (yet much brighter than the Samsung 712N), making it easier to switch views between monitors without losing focus.

I would recommend this monitor to anyone looking for a sub $300 monitor that is large, but not too large, and not widescreen (which does not mesh well with all of those old games I play).

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