Google Maps On Your Phone

I was recently reading PC Magazine which had 501 tips for computing and I ran across a little gem about Google Maps on your phone. I had been looking at TeleNav because a link came on my Motorola Q, but after downloading and installing it, using it proved difficult, and this was some kind a free thing. If you want voice instructions you have to pay a monthly fee.

So I saw the tip about Google Maps and downloaded and installed it on my phone. The first thing I did is navigate the menu which has an option for GPS location. You have to be outside (although I tried it inside my car and it worked) but Google located me on its maps where I could zoom in and out and save it as a location. If I leave the GPS locator running, it shows my movements as I drive – totally cool and totally free.

There are a lot more options – including the standard directions to/from a location, but so far I really like this app. Go to Google Maps Mobile from your phone or computer and click the Get Started Now blue button to download the app to your computer for transfer or send a link to your phone to download straight to your phone.

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