I stumbled upon over a year ago when my son wanted the full version of Mount & Blade.  The site is run by PC game maker Paradox Interactive, best known for their Europa Universalis series and related historical strategy games.  At the time, the site was mostly just Paradox games, but since has grown into a huge repository of downloadable PC games.

After creating an account, you can buy games and immediately download them through the GamersGate downloader software.  After downloading, the downloader software has an install button to click to install the game.  Even though you can always redownload games later (whenever you log into your account, you can see what games you have purchased), I like to make my own personal backup of software that I digitally download.  GamersGate makes this a tad difficult, but not impossible.  Apparently, they want you to always use their downloader to install the games because what they do is hide the setup.exe of the game by renaming it to launch.dat and putting it into a folder called ggdata under your downloaded game folder (you specify where to download the games in the downloader app).  The work around is this – run the game install from the downloader app; as soon as you get to the first screen of the setup routine, copy the downloaded game folder to a different location.  The game folder will have the actual setup.exe file as it has been reconstructed so you can run the game’s installation.  With this accomplished, you can then backup the game and install it whenever you like without the GamersGate downloader.

Other than the game setup hiccup, I have had no problems with any games purchased through GamerGate.  Check it out – you may find a game you like for a good price.

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