TiVo, DirecTV to release new Satellite HD DVR in 2009

I’ve been waiting for this news for a long time.  As a TiVO subscriber since 2003, I have loved the service since day 1.  We currently have 3 TiVos around the house and could not live without them.  The annoying thing is now with HD, TiVo only supports cable card.  If you subscribe to satellite, you are out of luck from TiVo.

Since we have an HD TV, a new HD receiver and up-to-date dish from DirecTV, and subscribe to the HD package, it would be nice to be able to watch TV in HD and at least be able to pause/rewind/etc. live TV.  It is to the point that I started looking at DirecTV’s HD DVR receiver as an option;  of course I was afraid it would not be as easy to use or feature rich as TiVo (some of the online posts I have read confirm this fear).  Luckily, this news saved me from potentially making a mistake and switching to an inferior DVR.

The only bad news to this is that it will be about another year before this product is on the market.  But at least there’s light at the end of the tunnel.  I only hope this product has all of the current features standalone TiVo’s have (from what comments I read concerning this story, it sounded like the older DirecTV TiVo DVRs were not as good as the standalone TiVo products).

Anyway, check TiVo’s offical press release for more information.

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