Amazon MP3 Downloads

I’ve been reading for a while in Maximum PC about how much they like Amazon for buying digital music, not least of which because the music is DRM free MP3 files.  I received an email from Amazon today about free MP3 holiday music so I checked out their store.  After downloading a small memory resident app downloader, I was ready to purchase.  As I just said, I knew their music was DRM free and high quality (256k bit rate), but the downloader app even puts the music in your iTunes or Windows Media library.  Sweet!

Purchasing tracks is painless – click the buy button, agree to continue with the purchase of that music (which can be disabled, but is a nice accident-proof way to buy what you want), then watch the download.  Amazon used my account and credit card on file info to complete the purchase – your mileage may vary depending on if you have these setup already or not.

This definitely looks like my new preferred music purchase method.  I may use iTunes if Amazon doesn’t have what I want or if they go completely DRM-free.

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