Sony Media Reader Drive Icon Trouble

I have a Sony USB media reader connected to my XP PC.  When I had to reload my XP PC after a hard drive crash, I couldn’t find the CD that came with the media reader which installed icons and names for the 4 drives which made it easier to identify them (instead of each being named “removable drive”).  This has bugged me for a while and last night I finally decided to do something about it.

After searching for a while, I finally located the software for download on Sony’s Storage Support website.  I downloaded and installed it, but nothing changed.  I found the program and icons in C:\Program Files\Sony Icon.  The I noticed the icon files weren’t displaying their icons, but some Nero viewer icon.

So next I went crazy trying to fix my icons.  After futzing with the file types in explorer and the registry, I did some searching and stumbled across a great post by KDivad Leahcim on (it’s the 6th post from the top).  I followed the instructions and they worked like a charm.

Unfortunately, my drive icons still were not showing up.  So I did more searching and found this site  which talked about removable media drive icons in XP.  He mentioned a registry key (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\DriveIcons) where you could set icons, but didn’t say how.  Luckily I had already renamed one of the drives and it showed up here as its drive letter (D) with a subkey DefaultLabel with a value of what I named it (CF Card).  Using a little ingenuity, I created a second key under “D” called DefaultIcon and gave it a value of “C:\Program Files\Sony Icon\sony_r_cf.ico” which is where my Sony icon is located.  That did the trick.

One more point of caution – when naming a removable drive, do it when a disk/card is NOT inserted; otherwise, Windows gives the disk/card the name, not the drive.

Even though this was a painfully long process (which kept me up way too late), I am happy to share this information from another lesson learned with my readers.

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