Buffalo External Blu-Ray Drive

I finally had a chance to try out my new Buffalo BR-816SU2 MediaStation 8x External Blu-ray Writer.  I purchased this one instead of the cheaper 6X model after reading user reviews.  They complained about the software suite that came with the 6X (Nero 8.0) and how you were supposed to be able to download a plug-in to watch Blu-Ray movies, but since Nero is now on version 9 the plug-in for 8 is no longer available.  If I needed to spend $80+ more for either software to watch Blu-Ray movies or a whole new Nero suite, I figured I may as well buy a little better drive.

The 8X model I bought comes with a Cyberlink software suite.  I’ve used PowerDVD before but never any of Cyberlink’s other programs like disc-burning.  I only installed PowerDVD and thePower2Go burning software.  I was worried about the Power2Go co-existing with my Nero 7 software I use for DVD burning, but I haven’t had any problems and use each program for its particular drive.

The Power2Go software is pretty basic, but it works and I already burned 2 discs successfully.  It installs a quick launch column on your desktop where you can drag files to or open a particular type of burning (data, audio, etc).  The column only gives you a percentage count during the burn process, but its a good enough indicator of progress.

The drive can be mounted horizontally like normal or on its side.  Buffalo included an eject button on the side (which is on the top if the drive is sideways) which is a nice touch.  They also included an E-SATA adapter (the drive supports USB and E-SATA) which you can plug into an internal SATA port.  Its a $7 retail part, but again, thanks for saving me the time and money to not have to buy the part separately.  I had no problems installing the adapter and connecting the drive.

If you need an external Blu-Ray burner, this is a nice drive.  It was easy to install, the software works, and it includes some nice touches.

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