When printer memory’s hard to do.

I’ve been on kick upgrading the memory in my HP printers (as a friend of mine once said, “If you’ve got an open slot, fill it.”), and the latest and most difficult by far has been the HP Color Laserjet 2840.  I started at crucial.com, where I buy the majority of my memory, but for once they did not sell any for this printer.  After searching some, I found some no name websites selling the memory, but the memory always referred to Laserjet 4100.  I went to HP’s site, tracked down a part number, did more searching and found the memory again.  This time, the site I was on referred to an HP part number and a Kingston part number.  I went to Kingston.com and searched and found the part, which again said it was for the Laserjet 4100 series.  For some reason they had a link to buy.com for the same memory only cheaper, so I ended up buying it at buy.com.

The memory package says LJ4100/128 (128MB stick), but the buy.om slip said module for HP Laserjet 4100 1320 2800 MFP.  Bingo, 2800 series, that’s me.  Now I felt comfortable installing the memory.  It went in easily and came up to the max 224MB of memory.

If you own an laser printer that allows memory upgrades, I recommend it.  It will speed up printing large jobs and the memory is fairly inexpensive.

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