More Fallout 3 news

Last week was a great week for Fallout fans.  Not only did the third DLC for Fallout 3 come out (Broken Steel), but I found out another Fallout game was being developed for release in 2010 (okay, so it was announced a few weeks ago, but at least I found it).  Obsidian will be developing the new Fallout game titled Fallout: New Vegas.  Sounds like Fallout will get back to its Wasteland roots and include Las Vegas for the first time in the Fallout universe.

Back to Broken Steel, this third DLC will allow characters to rise to level 30 and will be tied directly to the storyline of Fallout 3, unlike the other two DLCs.  Unfortunately, you still have to buy it through Games for Windows Live.   There is also another patch for Fallout 3, raising the version to 1.5.

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