Daniusoft Media Converter Pro

While checking out the software Doubletwist (recommended by Maximum PC to remove DRM from your iTunes purchased tracks) I found out it cannot do this.  While going through Doubletwist’s support, some nice person posted information on Daniusoft Media Converter Pro.  The full version was only $39.95 so I purchased it and have been very satisfied with this product.

First, this product is very easy to use.   On the program interface it displays a”Getting Started” page which gives you the 3 steps to converting audio or video as pictured here:

Daniusoft Media Converter Pro interface

In step 2 before clicking settings, you would choose the audio or video format you would like to which you would like to convert your existing file(s).

One caveat is that you must have the license to the DRM media file to convert it (I assume non-DRM can be converted without a problem).  The program must convert the file while playing it because however long the file is is how long the conversion takes.  So if you have a lot of files to convert, do it while doing something else or queue them up overnight.

I have not yet tried the video conversion but the audio files sound great.  I went with 256kbps MP3 files.  I didn’t dig in to all of the settings because the program was so easy to use and workedby just following the 3 steps displayed on the screen. This program was also a lot cheaper than paying Apple again to upgrade my music to non-DRM files and I can continue to use the program for converting files in the future.

If you have a bunch of music you purchased from Apple or elsewhere that has DRM, I recommend this program to remove it so you can better enjoy your music any way you want it.

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