Trouble connecting to network printer after reboot

I received a call yesterday from a user who was having problems with a network printer.  She could get the printer to work sometimes, but when she rebooted the computer, the printer would not work at all.  The printer was connected to a Windows 2000 Pro computer and all the computers in the office were in the same workgroup.

I checked the network places and saw a share on the Windows 2000 PC.  When I tried to access it, the PC asked for a username and password.  I checked the Windows 2000 PC and saw three users listed.  I used one of the usernames (user1) with no password and was able to connect to the share.  i tried the printer again and now it worked.  But once I restarted the PC, the printer and share no longer worked without the username.

The first thing I tried was renaming the current username (owner) on the PC to user1.  This did not make a difference (I think internally the username was still being referred to as owner).  So step 2 was to create a new user (user2) and move owner’s files and settings to user2’s profile.  With that done, I restarted and successfully connected to both the share and the printer without the prompt for a username and password.

The biggest thing I felt I learned from this brief adventure is that renaming a username does not change its guts.  If you need a particular username on a PC, create a user with that name.

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