More dead routers

I had two Dlink DFL-700s die on me recently – one a few months ago and one a couple of weeks ago. I had one spare DFL-700 so 1 office was ok, but the other was not. Unfortunately, Dlink does not make the DFL-700 anymore. I setup 2 Dlink DFL-210s for a customer about a year ago, but they were a big pain in the butt to configure – way too complicated. I did not want to spend about $300 and then have to configure one again (I have detailed instructions on what I did here).

Luckily, I found the Dlink DIR-330. It is a VPN router with an 8-port switch. One thing that was always a pain with the DFL-700 was that you could not plug a PC straight into it for configuring it – you had to plug it into a switch. So that’s one problem gone. The DIR-330 was very easy to setup. I downloaded the manual from Dlink before I received it and the manual hadextensive instructions on configuring a PPTP VPN. It was a lot easier even than the DFL-700, which I had some problems with the first time I tried to configure it. I just setup the admin password and Internet conenction like a normal router. For the VPN, I had to create a VPN server and a DHCP range of addresses to use for incoming connections. Then I created the necssary users for connecting and put them in a group which I set the VPN server to use for authentication. That was it. I did not even have to configure any firewall rules. One little thing I think Dlink screwed up on that I changed is they left the WAN side open to respond to pings – big no no. So always check all the settings for little things like this that are major security problems.

Anyway, the DIR-330 router has been working great, and at $90 from instead of $300+ for a DFL-210, I am a happy camper.

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