Paint Shop Pro and Error 1327

I tried to install Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 today on my Windows 7 Ultimate PC and ran into an error at the beginning of the installation. The error message I kept receiving was “Error 1327: Invalid Drive x:\.” I did a quick search and several people had received this message. Solutions included reloading Windows (quite ridiculous) and mapping the problem drive letter to a dummy folder. In my case, the drive is a network drive, so I tried to disconnect it to see if that would help. When it didn’t, I tried copying the installation folder to drive X and installing it from there, which also failed.

Finally, I went to Corel’s site to find an answer. The describe the problem as being caused by “a registry entry which points to a drive letter that no longer exists. The solution to this problem is to add the drive letter MSI ( Microsoft® Installer ) is looking for.  This can be accomplished by re-mapping your CDROM drive letter or adding an additional drive letter which points to your CDROM.” Well, my drive does exist, and who cares if I’ve ever installed a program from this drive. No other program installation has ever complained.

So now I decided to try my own solution to problems with setup programs – bypass the setup program and go straight to the MSI file. In this case, the MSI file is named psppx2.msi. I ran that program, and, low and behold, I had a successful installation. From this, I would say that Corel should stop blaming problems on registry entries and fix their setup program.

In summary, the solution to error 1327 in Paint Shop Pro Photo X2’s installation is to run the MSI program to install the software. The software works fine for me; it even downloaded and installed an update.

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