Fallout 3 complete and Fallout: New Vegas

After too few posts lately, I’m hitting a roll so I’ll go on. I finished Fallout 3 a while back and I would say it is definitely in my top 5 games of all time. With the game of the year edition out now, there is no reason not to try it. The main game is excellent, but the 5 DLCs are a mixed bag that are all worth playing. The first DLC, Operation Anchorage is fairly short and heavy on the combat. Some people did not like the lack of role-playing elements, but I thought it was fun nonetheless. The next DLC, The Pitt, had some role-playing though it was very linear. There was a lot of combat and some decent weapons. The best of the DLCs was the 3rd: Broken Steel. This was a continuation of the main quest and raised the level cap to 30 with new perks to boot. The second best DLC in my opinion was the 4th, Point Lookout. Like The Pitt, you went to another new location in the game, but the quests were non-linear and there was plenty of exploring and fun like the original game. The last DLC, Mothership Zeta, was an attempt to let you finally meet the aliens that crashed in the main game in a random area on the main DC map. The story here was linear like The Pitt (you were on a spaceship with very few options on where to go), but they had some cool ideas like NPCs that followed and could help you like in Op Anchorage, and some cool areas like the dump where the aliens suck things up from Earth. You can find plenty of items and weapons from the game on the ship, but most of the alien weapons are sub-par compared to the original alien blaster (and there was very little ammo for it on the ship for some reason). The ending is a little different, but again like all of the DLCs it is worth playing.

Fallout: New Vegas is the new Fallout game to be excited about in 2010. It is being developed by Obsidian Entertainment (which contains many of the folks from Black Isle whop developed the original Fallout games). Bethesda just released a cool teaser trailer on the Fallout site. Watch for more info and the release this fall.

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