HP Laserjet 2035N and 2055N

We needed a new printer at one of the offices because the Dell 1700 we had been using for 3-4 years was having lots of paper jams. I found the HP 2055N on sale at Office Depot so I bought it. It had 128 MB RAM (expandable to 384MB), built-in networking and duplexing, support for an additional paper tray, and an LCD display. It also had many good reviews. Unfortunately, the unit I received jammed on the first print and I could not clear the jam error from the printer so I had to return it. Since Office Depot was not setup to make an exchange and the printer was no longer on sale, I bought the lower model (2035N) from Staples since it was on sale. The 2035N did not have as good of reviews as the 2055N, but I had already bought toner for the 2055N and I needed a printer asap so I went with the 2035N.

The 2035N only has 16MB RAM which I do not think is expandable. It does not have duplexing or an LCD display, but it does have built-in networking. Since it didn’t have the display, I had to use the HP software to find the printer an give it a static IP address. That was pretty simple. With the IP address set, I bypassed the HP software setup and went through Windows to setup IP printing using the IP address I had given to the printer. When asked for the driver, I pointed the wizard to the printer inf file in the root of the CD and the printer was setup successfully.

The 2035N has been working good for us for the last few weeks. The employees like it better than the Dell printer and we have not had any problems with it. I think I received a bum 2055N unit, so I would recommend either of these printers to small businesses looking for a decent black and white laser printer. If you want more features and expandability, go with the 2055; otherwise, save some money and try the 2035.

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