I just finished reading this book by Alan Dean Foster after I became interested in it from reading his short story Mid-Death in the book Forbidden Planets. This is an older book , but I was able to find it on Thrift Books, a great place to find used, out of print books. Where Mid-Death took the reader into Midworld from the point of view of a search and rescue party, Midworld was told with a native as the main character and went much farther into the specifics of the dangers and environment of the planet. Foster’s environment is highly complicated and interesting and the eventual conflict between the natives and the outsiders (and their different views of the ecosystem) is a great theme for this book. There were some twists on how the story played out; Foster also explained some things at the very end of the book that were only hinted at during the story. I can’t remember if Mid-Death took place before or after Midworld, but where Mid-Death was a great horror story, Midworld was a nice good native versus evil, greedy outsiders story. It was definitely a fun read and I recommend it.

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