APA Template

I recently wrote about buying a new APA template for Word 2010 from Reference Point Software. The template works great even in the 64-bit version of Word 2010 I am using. I have used an APA template from Reference Point Software since 2002 for Word XP, 2003, 2008 for the Mac, and now 2010. Of all of the versions (XP and 2003 were essentially the same) the Word 2010 version seems to be the best and easiest to use. The template integrates into the accursed Ribbon (which I have grown to accept now that it is customizable) and this makes using the template easier to use. In previous versions of the template for Word for Windows a menu called APA was added to Word and the options were accessible from this menu. Now a tab is created with its own ribbon interface making all the commands easier to see all at once and easier to use.

If you have a need for using an APA or MLA template, I highly recommend checking out the templates from Reference Point Software. This company was recommended to me in my first Master’s class and I cannot thank my instructor enough for suggesting them.

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