Game of Thrones – Season One

I finished watching HBO’s Game of Thrones Season One and was very impressed with it. I have read four of the five books in Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series and I thought the first season’s ten episodes captured the events of first book very well. The acting was superb and the choice of actors well done. The settings were also well done. Since I finished the fourth book six years ago, season one was a nice refresher. I think I may wait until the last two books come out before finishing (or rereading) the series; anyone who has read one or more of the books can attest to the many characters and the complicated plot of the series. At least with the HBO series Martin might actually get the last two books out in the next four to five years so HBO can make all seven books in a row since they are doing one book per year.

If you haven’t seen the series or read any of the books but like Lord of the Rings style fantasy (with an adult flair) then read and watch immediately. Martin has created a very complicated and interesting world that holds nothing back; great characters, great plots, twists, and many deaths. This is definitely adult material, though.

I cannot wait until season two comes out in the spring!

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