D-Link NAS Power Recovery

I have had a problem for a while with the different D-Link NAS devices we use at offices when there is a power failure. Although it does not occur often, I would have to worry about powering the NAS back on after power was restored. I recently found a setting in some of the NAS devices to have them automatically power on after power is restored.

The original D-Link NAS device I used was the DNS-321. This NAS does not have a power recovery option. However, the DNS-323 (like the 321 except it has a USB port for sharing) and the newer DNS-320 have an option to recover. For the 323 you go to the Tools menu on top, click on Power Management on the left menu, and set Power Recovery to “Enable.” For the 320 you go to the Management menu on top, then click the System Management icon, then click Power Management on the left menu, then expand power Recovery Settings and set Power Recovery to “Enable.” In both cases of course you click “Save Settings” where appropriate.

Hopefully now I will only have to worry about the couple of DNS-321 NAS devices I have if the power fails.

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