Dell Optiplex 755 Followup

I received the 3 computers from and am happy to report they all worked just fine. These latest computer also appeared to be in better cosmetic condition than the ones I purchased from They are also from U.S. Micro though.

One problem I found in having to reload them was that Dell’s website is missing an XP driver for the SM Bus controller. I didn’t worry about this at first because the computers worked fine, but I had a USB device connected to one computer that would not work properly. After some searching I found the solution to the missing driver problem. Do a Google search for Intel INF Update Utility and select the second link to go to the Intel download site. The first download choice on the page is “INF Update Utility – Primarily for Intel 6, 5, 4, 3, 900 series Chipsets”. Download this utility and run it and it will update several chipset drivers and load a driver for the SM Bus Controller. After running the utility my USB device loaded a couple more drivers and then showed up properly in Device Manager.

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