Server Execution Failed

I lost my Internet service the other day so I installed a USB wireless adaptor and connected it to a MiFi device. Internet would not work with both my LAN adaptor and the wireless one, so I turned off my LAN adapter. About the second or third time of doing this I ran into a software glitch and could not go back into the Network Center to enable my LAN adapter. I rebooted Windows and when I tried to open Computer or Network there was a pause and I received the error “Server Execution Failed.” This is on a Windows 7 PC 64-bit with SP1.

I had this error before on another PC and had to create a new profile to fix it. I didn’t want to do that here so after some searching I found a web page that said it had a fix for this error. In my case I had to open Regedit and point My Documents and Favorites back to a local drive instead of a network drive. Luckily this fixed the problem and let me enable the LAN adapter again. I was then free to point the profile folders back to their network locations.

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