Matrix Games Store

I had the opportunity to shop at Matrix Games’ store for the first time last week. I purchased Panzer Corps and 2 DLCs since the base game is on sale for 50% off. I had heard of Matrix Games and had purchased one game published by them. I knew they published many war games, some based on board games. As war games are no longer a popular genre for PC games, it is nice that there is still a publisher who can help bring these games and this extra variety to PC gamers.

The store offers digital downloads as well as more expensive boxed versions of games (which also gives you the digital download of the game). Matrix Games also provides a members area if you register for the site. Here you can register Matrix Games purchased online or elsewhere. This provides you with download links for patches and additional add-ons. They also store your serial numbers to the games in case you lose them.

Check out Matrix Games’ store if you have any interest in war games or strategy games created by independent developers.

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