I think this is my first review of an Android app. I love my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 and so I figured I should start talking about some of the useful apps I have found. In this case I needed an app that could open XPS files (Microsoft’s copycat of PDFs). I found EBookDroid in the Android app store and it was free to boot.

EBook Droid works pretty well. It has crashed on me a few times, but I think this mainly happens when you try to resize the screen or move around too quickly. No big deal, you just quit and reopen the app and you are back to where you started. EBookDroid can open PDF files too if you desire.

I have not had any problems with the way it renders XPS files. The app can add bookmarks, go to specific pages, and zoom in and out. You scroll through the file by moving the pages up instead of side-to-side like an ebook. I found EBookDroid to be a nice, free app that allows me to open and read XPS files on my tablet.

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