Handy Safe Pro

I ran across this app while searching the Android store. I thought it would be useful to have a secure information manager for the computer and tablet or phone. I use Signup Shield for the PC and it works well, although it worked better before FireFox 4 came out. It used to automatically fill in login information, but now I have to drag the information into the form. It’s doable, but limited because it’s geared mostly toward web site logins. Also, the mobile aspect of it worked on U3 USB keys, but U3 is now dead. So Handy Safe Pro provided an opportunity for storing more information and syncing it with a mobile device.

In order to sync Handy Safe Pro you have to purchase the desktop version ($9.99, PC or Mac) and a mobile version ($1.99, Symbian, Android, iOS, or Windows Phone 7). Handy Safe Pro lets you store web site logins and other access logins, as well as credit card info, travel info, insurance policies, software keys, and a whole lot more. All information is encrypted and protected with a password login. You can even create folders within the program such as business, personal, etc. to separate the information. Another cool feature for web sites is you can enter the site url and Handy Safe Pro allows you to click the url link to open up the site in a web browser.

I purchased the desktop edition for the PC and the Android edition. The sync feature has worked well for me. The only problem I have had is after syncing my Android tablet and trying to open the program, I sometimes get a black screen. If I go back to the home screen then try again, the program opens. I looked at the app for iOS and some people were complaining about sync not working. I have not tried this version myself.

So far I think Handy Safe Pro is a good app to store important information and have it with you on your mobile device. Check out Handy Safe Pro’s website for more information.

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