How Few Remain

I finished reading Turtledove’s book about an alternate history where the South won the American Civil War. The book takes place 20 years after the Confederate victory. Turtledove’s explanation for the South’s victory is plausible and is explained at the beginning of the book. I enjoyed how he told his story through the eyes of many historical characters such as Samuel Clemens, JEB Stuart, Stonewall Jackson, Abe Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, George Custer, and Teddy Roosevelt. It reminded me of his Worldwar series, but that was science fiction and this is not. I think this book was better because it was pure alternate history. The book flows well as you are taken to different places through the different characters to advance the story. This book is the prelude to two trilogies and a tetralogy of books on the North / South conflict in the 20th century. It’s a good read even on its own for anyone who likes alternate history.

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