HDE Wireless XBOX 360 Receiver

I had bought a Microsoft XBOX 360 wireless receiver for my PC some time ago, but at some point it quit working. I have an XBOX wireless controller I wanted to use with my PC so I decided to try and buy another receiver. I saw many generic versions on Amazon, some that people were complaining about. However, the HDE wireless receiver had all 5 star reviews. So I took a chance and bought it. It came in a little bag with a mini CD with drivers. Instead of running the setup program from the CD, I plugged in the receiver. Windows 7 64-bit said it couldn’t find a driver for the device so I went to Device Manager, checked the device’s properties, and clicked Update Driver. I pointed the search window at the driver CD and checked to search subfolders. The driver was found and loaded successfully. I tried to connect my wireless XBOX 360 controller and had no problems. If you need to get an XBOX 360 wireless receiver for your PC, the HDE wireless receiver works just fine.

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