Using SkyDrive as a Mapped Network Drive in Windows 7

During my recent time in class I needed a quick way to save some work and know it would be safe. People kept speaking of online backup and I remembered reading an article in Maximum PC I think about using SkyDrive as a mapped network drive. I did a quick search and found a page on How-To Geek that had a similar step-by-step method.

To do this you need a Windows Live ID (to have SkyDrive in the first place) and an Office 2010 application. Basically you link your Windows Live ID to your Windows 7 username. Then you create a blank document, spreadsheet, etc. and “Save and Send” to the Internet. When you do this Office presents you with the path to your particular SkyDrive that you can then use to map a network drive.

The instructions on the web page are simple and straightforward to follow. SkyDrive seemed a little slow to access this way, but it is certainly easier than going through a web interface to get to your files or save files on SkyDrive.

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