World War ll Plans That Never Happened 1939-45

Because I am very interested in World War II, and alternate and speculative history, I picked up this book with some enthusiasm. It is a collection of many plans, both Axis and Allies, divided in chapters by the years of the war. I had previously heard of some of the more famous plans such as Operation Sea Lion and Operation Olympic, but there were many plans I had never heard of. The author covers each plans in 2-3 pages usually, but provides pictures and summaries of many actual documents from the war. He also gives some background on the plans and why they never happened.

Some have criticized this book because of the poor writing (some of the writing was hard to follow occasionally) and brevity of coverage, but I found the book enjoyable overall. It may not give you every last detail, but it certainly gives you enough to do further research on your own if you like. Also, most of the plans have significance to the war for either side, and it was interesting to think about the ideas each side entertained in an effort to win the war.

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