July 4th Game Sales Going On and Coming Soon…

It is time for some great deals on games from popular gaming digital download sites. GOG.com currently has “Battle of the Games” running until July 4th. Customers are presented with 2 similar games for sale on the site each day. You can vote for one or the other; the game that receives the most votes is 60% off the next day, the other is 40% off.

Steam should be gearing up for its big summer sale soon too so check over there probably this weekend. I haven’t seen anything from GamersGate or Impulse either, but they should have something going next week as well.

These huge sales are the best times to buy many games at dirt cheap prices. The other huge sales typically aren’t until after Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, so buy what you can now so you don’t have to wait for Christmas.

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