New Amazon Kindle Fires

Big announcement from Amazon last week about their new Kindle lineup. Here I will just focus on the Kindle Fire because that’s where I think the future of the device is and that’s the most exciting part for me. The new 7″ Kindle Fire is $159 with 8 GB of storage. It is similar to the 1st generation Fire except with some updated hardware making it faster.

The other new Fires include an HD display, better sound, and faster Wi-Fi thanks to MIMO. The 7″ model similar to the first generation Fire sells for $199 for 16GB and $249 for 32GB. Amazon also released an 8.9″ model of the Fire. The cheaper one is similar to the 7″ HD model and sells for $299 for 16Gb or $369 for 32 GB.

The most exciting HD model is also the most expensive one. It is 8.9″ with the same features as the other 8.9″ HD model except that it comes with 4G LTE making it a true anywhere device. It is $499 for 32 GB or $599 for 64 GB. For $49.99 per year you get a 250 MB per month 4G data plan. This scared me at first, but then I read they also offer 3 GB and 5 GB monthly data plans.

Check out all the new Kindles (including the e-ink models) at

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