Windows 8 Debut

So Windows 8 finally has appeared in the marketplace. I was inundated with emails on Friday from office stores and e-tailers all about the sales on this “great” new operating system. Two articles I read sum up the different ways of thinking about Windows 8 in the tech field. Paul Thurrott, known Microsoft-lover and Apple-hater, wrote an article earlier this month for Windows IT Pro where he attempts to “clear up” some points about the new OS. But what struck me the most was the way he ended the article: “eventually you have to just understand and accept what’s happening. And what’s happening is that Windows is transitioning into a new mobile platform.”

Windows may be “transitioning into a new mobile platform” and I understand this,  but I don’t think I need to accept it. Like many people I will choose option 2, which I think Lincoln Spector summed up best in the November 2012 issue of PCWorld: “I’ll stay with Windows 7 for as long as I can, and hope that the company fixes everything in Windows 9 (or better yet, Windows 8 SP1). And if Microsoft doesn’t? Well, that’s why we have Apple and Linux.”

Nuff said!

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