Linksys RE1000 Wireless-N Range Extender

I picked up a Linksys Wireless Extender from Target on a closeout deal recently. I wanted to further extend my wireless coverage. I thought it would work as a bridge and was initially confused because it included an Ethernet jack, but apparently this is just to add another wired device to the network.

To setup the device you run the CD from a computer with wireless networking close enough to the extender. The instructions say the same room but as long as your wireless NIC can see the extender, it will work. I had trouble with the setup because I plugged a cable from a switch into the jack on the extender which prevented me from setting up the device. Once I unplugged the cable the setup application found the extender and added it to the nearest wireless network.

The nice thing about this device is that it shows up as the same wireless network as another router or bridge. Before I was creating multiple networks with a bridge device. The extender works well, although you can’t put it too far away like a bridge because it is communicating only wirelessly. But I am satisfied with the device extending my wireless network.

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