AVG Out, Microsoft Security Essentials In

I have been using AVG Free Edition for several years because it is free and it worked well. However, with the last couple of versions, AVG seems to have become bloated, wanting to update more requiring reboots, and crashing. AVG also wants to push their paid version more. Because of this I have started using Microsoft Security Essentials, a free download from Microsoft’s download site or from Windows Update. If you go directly to the download site you can download either the 32 or 64 bit version. Also, if Windows does not detect an anti-virus application on your PC, Security Essentials will appear in Windows Update as an optional download. Security Essentials has received good reviews in articles, seems unobtrusive, is free, and doesn’t push you to buy a paid version or upgrade to a new version every year. On the several PCs I have installed Security Essentials, I have not had any problems. If you are becoming tired of your preferred anti-virus software and use Windows, give Security Essentials a try.

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