Drive Erazer Ultra

I bought this a couple of months ago and finally had a chance to use it tonight. We end up with older computers from offices and I would like to donate them but make sure any data is securely erased first from the hard drives. This little device accomplishes that with IDE and SATA drives without the use of a computer. Also, software solutions are slower and sometimes can only be used a certain amount of times. With this device I left a hard drive in a computer, unhooked the data and power cables coming from the computer, hooked in the data and power cables from the Drive Erazer Ultra, and powered on the device. I could erase the hard drive without removing it from the computer.

The Drive Erazer Ultra has an LCD screen and buttons to control options like type of erase. Once you start erasing, the device tells you what percent is done and how long until it is finished.

The device isn’t cheap (it is more than $200) but it is simple to use and works on multiple drive types. Check out the Drive Erazer Ultra on Amazon. I highly recommend it.

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