The Dark Knight Rises

I found time to watch this long movie last week. I think it was about 2 hours 45 minutes. I enjoyed it though. It never was boring or slow, even when there wasn’t any action. I remember reading people complaining about the lack of Batman, that he only appears twice in the whole movie. But this movie was more about Bruce Wayne and him giving up being Batman. I think that was established early on in the movie.

There were a lot of twists and turns in the movie, one at the end I should have seen a mile away, especially since I am familiar with R’as Al Ghul (whose name they continue to mispronounce) from the comics and Batman cartoon. I did enjoy the story coming around full circle from Batman Begins. There were many appearances by individuals from the different movies. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was good in the movie and the ending is a nice setup for a sequel. I also noticed many characters besides Bruce Wayne did not have as many scenes in the movie as you would expect. There was a lot going on, but it was a good movie.

I always check the credit to see if I missed anyone, and I did; I didn’t notice Matthew Modine as the officer who questions Gordon, then realizes he is right by the end. I guess these actors I grew up with are just getting older.

This movie wasn’t as good as Batman Begins or The Dark Knight (my favorite of the three, you just can’t beat the Joker). But it was still a good movie, if different because it has less action and more story. If you can live without fights and explosions every few minutes, you might like this movie. At least give it a shot.

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