Unity of Command

If you like old school turn-based war games like Panzer General, you will love Unity of Command. This is the first game by 2 x 2 Games and it is a hit. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The game has 2 additional DLCs available, Red Turn and Black Turn. In total, the game covers the battle on the Eastern front between Germany and the USSR from 1941-1945.

The game includes a campaign mode as well as individual scenarios. I stuck with the scenarios, which are rated from easy to hard, a nice touch. You mostly command infantry and tanks, with a few other vehicles available in different scenarios. Different scenarios also add options for bombing, additional supply, bridge building or destruction, and partisans for the Russians. Each scenario has one or more objectives marked on a mini map and on the screen. These are typically cities. The mini map also shows your area of control in a darker color. Each scenario has a limited amount of turns in which you must capture the objectives to win.

Supply is a very big factor in the game. Depending on where your supply depots are located and how far out supply extends affects how far you can progress against the enemy. One turn out of your supply area puts a small ! on your unit, although the unit may still attack and move. After 2 turns, the unit has a large red ! and can only move, not attack. 3 or more turns out of supply severely weakens your unit, which is unable to attack, is limited in movement, and is easy to kill. Therefore, you should usually try to capture or block enemy units from their supply lines to weaken them. Finally, the AI loves to block or capture your supply so make sure your defense lines are solid!

Other game effects include weather, which can make it harder to move and attack, and areas of control, which limit your units movement past enemy units. You also can use prestige points to upgrade units or buy reinforcements. You may start with some points and you gain points whenever you capture an objective. You also may have reinforcements available at different points in scenarios.

I played the game on both Mac and Linux, and although I was unable to get sound on Linux, it played faster than my Mac. I also beta tested the Black Turn DLC, and these 2 x 2 guys are very nice and helpful. This is a new company with a great game who are already talking about their next game. Support this indie developer and you won’t be sorry.

Check out Unity of Command on Steam, Matrix Games, or the Unity of Command website.


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