Unity of Command – Final Thoughts

I just finished all of the scenarios for Unity of Command plus the two DLCs. I definitely like playing the German side better. the Germans have great armor and armored vehicles; the Russians mostly have lots of infantry and there armor is often weak. While this may be historically accurate (although I think there should have been more T-34 tanks), the Russians just are not as fun to play.

The other thing I noticed was about the scenario difficulty ratings. I love that they exist, but medium and hard don’t always seem accurate. Some of the medium scenarios are pretty easy, some are medium, and some are near impossible, at least for me. The difficult ones might just have been because of turn limits. The hard ones are all involved, but some are much easier than others and are more of a time consuming effort rather than really difficult. However, the hardest scenarios are definitely rated hard. On the other hand, I finished some of the hard ones well within the turn limit.

I never had the opportunity to play multiplayer, but there are network and hot seat options.

In any event, I highly recommend Unity of Command for anyone who likes turn-based war games. I am glad PC gamers are lucky enough to have so many indie developers to bring us some great games from genres that are “old school” or “dead” to the big companies. Support these indie developers, like 2 x 2 Games, if you have the chance.

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