Why not talk about a game after taking a two year break. I finally played Crysis and I think my opinion was summed up so well by Andy Kelly in the May 2016 issue of PC Gamer, I don’t think I need to say too much. The first 6 missions rock taking on the PKA soldiers, even the one with the tank. The last 5 missions were pretty bad, especially mission 7 in the alien ship (crap) and mission 10 pressing several keys while dodging enemy fire in the air (I mean flying the VTOL in strong winds, bigger crap).

The only other good thing about the game is the save system – checkpoint saves plus quicksave / quickload = a great save system for any player that doesn’t take you from the action. I am a traditionalist when it comes to saving in games. I think checkpoint saves only is crap – why should I have to replay sections of the game several times for no reason. Just a waste of time or a way to prolong the game. I like traditional save anywhere and quick saves, but I was okay with the checkpoint saves because I could save anywhere quickly and not leave the game. Great immersion and a way not to have to repeat parts of the game unnecessarily.

Check it out on sale from Origin or Steam. You still can’t play on ultra-high settings probably (I played on moderate and the game stilled looked great). And enjoy the first half of the game with semi-freedom to go after your objectives whichever way you please. But if you get bored with the last half, don’t feel bad about quitting. From someone who finished the whole game, you won’t be missing much.

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